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Catch up on recent guest postings

In case you missed them we have announced more guests for some of our upcoming conventions.
Foe TFZ we are pleased to welcome Chyler Leigh who stars as DEO agent Alex Danvers in Supergirl.
For Asylum 18, we are pleased to welcome Katherine Ramdeen, who plays Alex Jones in Supernatural.
For City of Heroes 3, we are pleased to welcome Dominic Purcell. He is known for his portrayals of Lincoln Burrows in  Prison Break and as Mick Rory aka Heat Wave in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.
For Storybrooke 3, we are pleased to welcome Meghan Ory. Meghan plays Ruby Lucas / Red Riding Hood on OUAT and has appeared in True justice, Intelligence, Supernatural, Chesapeake Shore and NCIS.
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Monday 23 January 2017