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Since 2005 Rogue Events have had the pleasure of bringing you the very best stars to conventions from various TV shows and films. Use the links above for quick access to our events and see who is coming to the UK throughout 2017.
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The following events will be run in 2017

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Chase Coleman joins us at Insurgence 9
By Editor-in-chief  /  February 5, 2017
The Hillywood Show© return to the UK for Asylum 18
By Editor-in-chief  /  January 3, 2017
Misha Collins signs on for Asylum 18
By Editor-in-chief  /  January 2, 2017
Stephen Colletti joins Ravens 2 as our first guest
By Editor-in-chief  /  January 2, 2017
Katherine McNamara is our first guest for Forsaken
By Editor-in-chief  /  December 31, 2016
Special guest Paul Wesley for Insurgence 9
By Editor-in-chief  /  December 10, 2016
David Harewood joins us at The City of Heroes
By Editor-in-chief  /  December 5, 2016
Telford Fanzone launched
By Editor-in-chief  /  December 3, 2016
Insurgence 9 signs up Michael Malarkey
By Editor-in-chief  /  December 2, 2016

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